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TIP Tinner

Products Details

The Tippy Soldering Tip Tinner (lead-free) quickly and easily cleans and tins contaminated and oxidized soldering tips in one operation. It consists of high-quality solder powder with activating additives. For cleaning use the soldering tip over the surface of the Tippy. The soldering tip temperature should be at least 220℃ and at most 450℃ .

High Reliability
Our solder powder and solder ball have not only passed the SGS test, but also achieved RoHS, REACH, and other certifications. Moreover, this product is provided with the related material safety data sheet, abbreviated as MSDS. Our lead-free tin powder has been exported to Egypt, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and other countries. In addition, we are searching for more agents around the world. Welcome to consult us, if you show interest in our solder products.

Easy to use Effective at repairing oxidized iron tips
Prolongs the life of new iron tips
96.5% Tin / 3.0% Silver / 0.5% Copper
RoHS Compliant

Comparison before and after the iron repair by tip tinner

TIP Tinner