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Products Details

Our tin ingot is made from the high-quality pure tin without any lead content. It features silver white surface, soft texture, favorable ductility and malleability, as well as no toxicity. Its melting point is 232℃, and its density is 7.29g/cm3. The tin content reaches up to 99.95%. Our product has passed the SGS test, as well as the REACH and RoHS certifications required by European Union.

So far, our product has been exported to Central Asia, Africa, and other places. Moreover, we are searching for agents on a global scale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you feel interested in our product. Besides the tin ingot, our company also produces the lead ingot, antimony ingot, zinc ingot, and other metallic ingots. These products are suitable for use in the electronics industry.

Scope of Application
The tin ingot is widely applied in such industries as shipping, chemical industry, buildings, and currencies, among others. This product pertains to the raw material of precious metals. It is also the raw material of solder wire, solder bar, solder powder and solder paste. Moreover, the tin can be mixed with other metals to form the Babbitt alloy, foundry type metal, titanium-based alloy, niobium-tin alloy, and more. It can be also used in the atomic energy industry, aviation industry, and more.

With extremely high purity and great fluidity, the tin ingot is able to enhance the diffusion capability. Additionally, it is provided with the terrific wetting property, strong oxidation resistance, as well as very little tin slag. This economical lead-free product can produce a maximum of solid solder joints by consuming the least tin.

Technical Parameters

AppearanceLucent, no dirt on surface
Gross Weight25kg/ingot, 25kg/box
Chemistry Component


Packing Specification of Lead-Free Pure Tin Ingot25kg±1kg/ingot, 1 ingot/box
Dimension of Carton (Length*Width*Height)39*12*8cm
MOQ1 ton
OEM and LogoWe can provide the OEM service, and also produce the logo of our customers. The specific price is negotiable.
Production CapacityWe can manufacture 200 tons of tin ingots each month.

Related Names
Soldering Tin Block | Lead Free Pure Tin | China Ingot Metal