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  • Solder Wire Drawing Machine

Solder Wire Drawing Machine

Products Details

This solder wire drawing machine basically consists of five parts, including the automatic-metering type wire straightening machine, coiling device, motor, electronic control system, and the rack. It is fit for winding the solder wire with its diameter of over 0.1mm. Beyond that, our machine gives the functions of automatic metering and automatic braking. It can be categorized into the large-sized type, medium-sized type, and the small-sized type.

1. The drive shaft seat of our solder wire drawing machine is wholly welded, and the hole is drilled for only once. The coaxiality is guaranteed to be ±0.015mm, which allows the spool to rotate smoothly. Additionally, our product can reduce the shaking of solder wire, and also improve the quality of tin wire.
2. Our factory adopts an extra drum driven by a motor, which allows the solder wires to be neatly arranged at both ends of the spool.
3. This product is designed by taking advantage of the drum type drawing machine from Taiwan for reference. In contrast, it features more simple structure and more preferential price.

Main Technical Data

1HP alternating-current motor, Variable frequency controlled by microcomputerData display
FunctionAutomatic metering and automatic braking
Thimble Surface TreatmentHard chrome plating
Maximum Winding Speed1500r mp
Minimum Diameter of Solder WireNo less than 0.1mm
Wire DiameterFrom 0.3mm to 2.0mm
Weight of Each RollFrom 0.5kg to 1kg
Boundary Dimension1400*700*1050
Machine Weight200kg

Characteristics of Large-sized Solder Wire Drawing Machine
1. Motor: 11kW colloidal pin wheel speed reducer with its speed ratio of 1 to 23
2. Cooling system
3. Automatic wire protection system
4. The casing is wholly welded with thick steel plates. The bore-hole does not deform, after the annealing process is completed. This machine features high precision and fast speed. Additionally, the wire is not broken easily.
5. The diameter of the leaded solder wire ranges from 4mm to 9mm.

Features of Medium-Sized Solder Wire Drawing Machine
1. This machine remarkably features variable frequency, low noise, high speed, and convenient threading. It can prevent the wire-drawing fluid from spattering.
2. The power of the Class 6 motor is 7.5kW.
3. This device comes with the spray and cooling system.
4. It is also equipped with the automatic wire protector.
5. The rack is welded with the thick plate that conforms to the national standard. The bore-hole does not deform, after the annealing process is accomplished.

Characteristics of Small-Sized Solder Wire Drawing Machine
1. Dual Frequency Conversion: The winding speed is adjustable, and the size of the coil can be changed.
2. The power of the Class 6 motor is 4kW.

Up to now, our soldering equipment has been exported to India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Colombia, Mexico, and other countries. Furthermore, we are looking for new agents on a global scale. If you show interest in our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone, fax, or other methods. In this way, we can know more about your requirements.

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