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Solder Powder

Products Details

Our solder powder can be often found in the LED circuit boards, assorted lighting fixtures, computer mainboard, mobile phone motherboards, sundry precise circuit boards, printed circuit boards, SMT components, as well as the plug-in boards. It is a first choice of repairing the mini-sized electronic instruments. In addition, the tin powder is an indispensable material for producing the solder paste.

Our solder powder is a kind of grey or grayish-white solid powder with its particle size from 2µm to 75µm. Each bag can hold the product of 5kg weight. The diameter of our solder ball ranges from 2cm to 3cm, and the tin hemisphere is also available. Our ball should be kept in cold storage at the temperature range from zero to 10℃. It can reach the optimal state at the temperature range from 5℃ to 7℃.

The solder powder are primarily used for the manufacturing of the electrical carbon products, friction materials, oil bearings, and the powder metallurgy materials. Our product comes with various models, including Sn63Pb37, Sn62Pb36Ag2, Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5, Sn42Bi58, Sn64Bi35Ag1, and more. Moreover, the pure tin anode rod made by our company is fit for use in the electroplating industry.

High Reliability
Our solder powder have not only passed the SGS test, but also achieved RoHS, REACH, and other certifications. Moreover, this product is provided with the related material safety data sheet, abbreviated as MSDS. Our lead-free tin powder has been exported to Egypt, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and other countries. In addition, we are searching for more agents around the world. Welcome to consult us, if you show interest in our solder products.

Standard Paste Composition

Application CharacteristicIPC Alloyed Powder TypeSize of Alloyed PowderContent of Alloyed Powder
Standard PrintingNo.3 powder25~45μm89%
Fine-Pitch PrintingNo.4 powder20~38μm88.50%
InstillationNo.3 powder25~45μm85%
Standard printingNo.6 powder5-15um89%
Standard printingNo.7 powder2-11um89%


Packing Specification5kg/bag, 4 bags/box
Packing MaterialThe inner layer is a plastic bag, and the outer layer is a hard plastic box. These two layers are adopted to guarantee the safety of transportation.
Dimension of Carton (Length*Width*Height)18.5*18.5*18.5cm
Production CapacityWe can supply 80 tons of solder powder each month.
OthersWe can track your order 24 hours a day, and inform you of the production process in time.

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