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Soldering Iron

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The electric soldering iron is a vital tool for the production and maintenance of electrical components and wires. The soldering iron is ideal for BGA soldering and can be applied for heat-shrinkable sleeve processing, thermal testing, and other common heating processes.

According to different usage requirements, Jufeng Solder provides internal-heat-type and external-heat-type soldering irons.

The internal-heat-type soldering iron is small in volume and affordable. We offer tools with a working power of 20W, 25W, 35W, 50W, etc., among them 35 W and 50 W are most commonly used. The soldering iron has high heating efficiency. And it is easy to replace its soldering iron holder.

The external-heat-type soldering iron is designed for long-life performance and high power, such as 25W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 300W, etc.

1. Conforming to ergonomic design, the heat-resisting resin molding fits closely with the geometry of your hand. The lightweight insulated handle ensures comfort over long periods of use.

2. The ceramic heating element allows quick heating and long service life.

3. The specially designed soldering temperature control system can display working temperature precisely and stabilize the temperature with accuracy.

4. The soldering station and the welding frame are designed separately. Both are small in volume and easy to place, which takes up minimal working space.

5. ESD-safe, meaning it offers better protection of components, with good safety and reliability.


Electric Solder iron
StructureInternal heating electric soldering ironsmall volume; cheap; higher heating efficiency; convenient replace of iron head20W, 25W, 35W, 50W
External heating type electric iron

FunctionWelding electric iron

Tin-suction electric soldering iron

UsageLarge power electric soldering iron

Small power electric soldering iron

Product modelAdvantagesspecifications
Internal heating electric soldering ironSmall volume; higher heating efficiency; convenient replace of iron head; cheap20W,25W,35W,50W,ect
External heating electric soldering ironLong working time; larger power25W,30W,40W,50W,60W,75W,100W,150W,300W,ect

Character/TypeInternal heating electric soldering ironExternal heating electric soldering iron
AdvantagesSmall volume; high heating efficiency; convenient replace of iron head; cheap.Long working time; larger power
Common FeaturesLightweight hand knob; the ceramic heater for fast heating; long service life; accurate constant temperature; small volume; anti-static function; better protection components; safe and reliable

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