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Flux Paste

Products Details

Flux paste offers good soldering performance for rugged and stable application. It is easy to use and quickly cleaned. Its surface insulation resistance is extremely high and it is suitable for soldering general instruments and metal components made from copper, tin, and iron. It is often applied for both lead soldering and lead-free soldering.

First, wipe the surface of the components. Coat the soldered metal like copper, tin and iron with flux paste. And then melt the tin with the soldering iron on the welding box.


Jufeng Solder offers two packaging operations:

One is a syringe packing type: 
JF-4302 flux paste (ROL1), JF-4304 flux paste (ROL0).

The other is a box packing type: 
JF-4303 flux paste (ROL0), JF-4301 flux paste (RA). It is easy to carry and use.

Storage and Warranty

Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in a cool, dry place.
Under normal storage conditions, the warranty is 12 months.

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