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  • Sn99.95 Lead Free Solder Bar
  • Sn99.95 Lead Free Solder Bar
  • Sn99.95 Lead Free Solder Bar

Sn99.95 Lead Free Solder Bar

Products Details

The Sn99.95 lead free solder bar is a kind of mid-temperature rosin cored solder product. Its melting point is only about 189 degrees Celsius, and the flux content is 2.0%. Moreover, our company is also capable of producing the no-clean, solid-core and lead-free solders.

This type solder product has passed such certifications as SGS, EU RoHS, and REACH. It is produced in a dustless and environment-friendly special workshop. In addition, our product adopts the high purity of eco-friendly tin ingot. It is made in strict compliance with the ISO quality management system certification. The direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany is utilized to test the product quality, so the manufactured goods can conform to the RoHS standard.

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