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  • Sn95Sb5 Lead Free Solder Wire
  • Sn95Sb5 Lead Free Solder Wire

Sn95Sb5 Lead Free Solder Wire

Products Details

Sn95Sb5 lead free solder wire is one of our high-performance flux products. It melts quickly and offers superb fluidity during the soldering process. The diameter of the wire surpasses 0.3mm. This is a typical high-temperature lead free solder wire with a melting point around 240℃.

The SN95Sb5 solder wire is suited for both manual and automatic soldering operation and is suitable for soldering electronic components and restoration projects.

1. Diameter: over 0.3mm (0.3mm, 0.5mm).

2. Favorable fatigue resistance and solderability.
There is a no-clean activated rosin flux inside the tin wire, which allows our product to provide distinguished soldering effects.

3. The solder flux in solder wire is distributed evenly, continuous and unbroken, which can substantially reduce the technical problems caused by solder spatter.

4.Produces no irritation and less smoke when soldering.

Jufeng Solder provides various models of flux combination products ranging from leaded tin products to lead-free tin products with RoHS environmental protection requirements. (The active ingredient of solder wire as rosin or resin content is 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0% and 2.2%, which can be customized upon request).

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