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  • Sn60Pb40 Mid Temperature Tin Lead Solder Paste for PCB

Sn60Pb40 Mid Temperature Tin Lead Solder Paste for PCB

Products Details

The Sn60Pb40 for PCB is a classic type of mid temperature tin lead solder paste. Its alloy comprises the 60% tin content and the 40% lead content. Its working temperature falls into the preheat temperature from 90℃ to 150℃, the melting point of 187℃, and the reflow temperature range from 190℃ to 100℃. This product is suitable for the highly demanding reflow-soldering process.

As one of the leaded series products developed by our company, the solder paste 60/40 can offer extremely good soldering effect. It has been exported to India, Russia, and other countries. Moreover, we are looking for agents around the world.

The Sn60Pb40 mid-temperature leaded solder paste is applicable for the LED circuit boards, diversified lighting fixtures, computer motherboards, phone motherboards, printed circuit boards, surface mount devices, as well as all kinds of high-precision circuit boards.

1. With superb fluidity and nice soldering effect, our product can accomplish the exquisite printing of the pad, the separation distance of which can be only 0.3mm.
2. There are very few changes of viscosity during the continuous printing process. The viscosity will not be altered, even after 8 hours of operation of the steel mesh. Moreover, our product can still maintain the favorable and continuous printing effect.
3. The original shape will not be changed after several hours of printing process. In addition, the surface mount assembly will not be affected.
4. Beyond that, our Sn60Pb40 mid temperature tin lead solder paste for PCB can give favorable wetting property on the substrate made from different materials.
5. Owing to its wonderful soldering performance, this product will not produce any tiny solder bead after the soldering process is completed.

Technical Data Sheet

1. Specification

AppearanceAdhesive paste in grayish black
Weight500g/bottle, 10kg/box
Melting Point, ℃187
Spec. Gravity, g/cm38.60
Tensile Strength, MPa51.3

Chemical Components

TypeChemical Composition (wt. %)

Sn60Pb4060±0.5Residue Content<0.2<0.08<0.1<0.001<0.02<0.001<0.002

Preservation Method
The Sn60Pb40 mid temperature tin lead solder paste for PCB had better be stored at a temperature range from zero to 10℃. The service life of the unsealed product is 6 months. Furthermore, our product can not be exposed to sunshine.

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