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  • Sn60Pb40 Water-Soluble Tin Lead Solder Wire

Sn60Pb40 Water-Soluble Tin Lead Solder Wire

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Our Sn60Pb40 water-soluble tin lead solder wire is a common product in high demand. With the melting point of 189 degrees Celsius, it offers pretty stable soldering performance. Sn60Pb40 means that the alloy of solder wire and solder bar comprises the 60% tin content and the 40% lead content. The diameter of this product varies from 0.35mm to 3.0mm. Its melting point is 189 degrees Celsius, and the operating temperature is 230 degrees Celsius.

Our company has passed the ISO certification. Our raw materials are purchased from Yunnan Province.Moreover, this product is manufactured by adoption of high-purity tin and electrolytic lead, thus featuring reliable quality and the tiny deviation of tin content.

The Sn60Pb40 water-soluble tin lead solder wire can be applied in the automotive and electronics industries. It is desirable for the welding of common electronic products. Additionally, it is especially suitable for the hand soldering process, component installation, surface mount technology, as well as the repair welding process.

1. Thanks to high purity solder and fast melting speed, our Sn60Pb40 water-soluble tin lead solder wire can offer high soldering speed. Due to superb flux formulations, it gives very little rosin splatters and ultra clean solder joints. The solder joint is firm, sufficient and bright.
2. Furthermore, our product is pretty economical. It can produce the maximum quantity of firm solder joints, by depending on the lowest consumption rate of solder. The energy consumption is relatively low.
3. In addition, our product features superior electrical conductivity. It does not cause any core breakage, splash or undesirable odor.
4. Other prominent characteristics include fast soldering speed, favorable soldering effect, superb wetting property, as well as nice fluidity.

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