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  • Sn62.8Pb36.8Ag0.4 Middle Temperature Solder Paste

Sn62.8Pb36.8Ag0.4 Middle Temperature Solder Paste

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The Sn62.8Pb36.8Ag0.4 is a mid temperature tin lead solder paste. Its alloy is made up of 62.8% tin, 36.8% lead, and 0.4% silver content.

This kind of solder paste is a no-clean type solder cream designed for SMT production processes. It is made from special flux and tin spherical powder with few oxide contents. The paste maintains its viscosity allowing for a high level continuous printing effect. In addition, the flux contained in our Sn62.8Pb36.8Ag0.4 solder paste takes advantages of the high reliable low-ion type halogen activator. After reflow soldering, it has less residue, high surface insulation resistance, stable and reliable electrical performance.

1. With nice fluidity and good soldering effect, the solder paste can accomplish the precision printing of circuit components, the separation distance of which can be only 0.2mm.

2. There are very few changes of viscosity during the continuous printing process. The viscosity will not be altered, even after 12 hours of operation of the steel mesh.

3. The original shape will not be changed after several hours of printing. In addition, the surface mount assembly will not be affected.

4. Favorable wetting property on the substrate made from different materials.

5. It can adapt to the requirements of multiple grades of welding equipment. It operates well without a nitrogen-filled environment or in a wide furnace temperature range for reflow soldering.

6. Excellent welding performance during "heating then preservation" and "gradually heating" furnace settings.

7. There is a special designed solder paste for BGA chip carrier, which can solve the problem of BGA welding.

8. Good ICT test performance.

9. It can be used for paste in hole processes.

Technical features of solder paste

1. Main standards and methods for quality control
JIS Z 3197-86;
JIS Z 3283-86;

2. Features of tin alloy powder
(1)Alloy composition

CompositionContent %
Sn %62.8±0.5
Ag %0.4±0.1
Pb %Remainder
Cu %≤0.005
Bi %≤0.03
Fe %≤0.02
As %≤0.01
Ag %≤0.05
Zn %≤0.002
Al %≤0.001
Pb %≤0.05
Cd %≤0.002
Sb %≤0.002

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