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  • Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solid Solder Bar
  • Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solid Solder Bar
  • Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solid Solder Bar

Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solid Solder Bar

Products Details

Our Sn50Pb50 tin lead solid solder bar possesses the melting point of approximately 200 degrees Celsius and the working temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. Sn50Pb50 means that the alloy of soldering wire consists of the 50% tin content and the 50% lead content.

Our company is a Chinese manufacturer, which basically researches and produces the lead-free solder wire, solder bar and solder paste, as well as the flux materials for soldering printed circuit boards. We own over a decade of manufacturing experience. At present, we hold the most advanced production equipment and test instruments within this industry. Our company has passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, and our products can offer stable performance. For better meeting the requirements for diversified soldering processes, the solder made by our factory can be divided into various shapes, including the strip, wire, block, plate, ball, and more.

The Sn50Pb50 tin lead solder bar can be used for the soldering of stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum lamp cap, and some others in the automotive and electronics industries. This type of product is particularly suitable for the manual welding work, component installation, surface mount technology, as well as the repair welding process.

1. Fast Melting Speed, Superb Wettability and Terrific Expandability
The tin wire is added with the no-clean activated rosin flux, featuring fast melting speed, superb wettability and terrific expandability. Thereby, it can offer distinguished soldering effect.
2. Wonderful Electrical Conductivity, No Core Breakage, and No Splash
3. High Melting Point
This Sn50Pb50 tin lead bar manufactured is characterized by high melting point, superb softness and nice wetting property. 

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