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  • Sn45Pb55 Tin Lead Solder Wire

Sn45Pb55 Tin Lead Solder Wire

Products Details

The Sn45Pb55 tin lead solder wire features the melting point of approximately 215 degrees Celsius and the working temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. Its alloy is composed of the 45% tin content and the 55% lead content. For achieving a terrific soldering effect, this product needs to be doped with an appropriate amount of solder flux while being used. During the melting process, a wave solder oven is required to be used. When the liquidus temperature is reached, the liquid tin can be directly poured on the printed circuit board.

This product is often found in the electrolytic tinning, wave soldering, and dip soldering machines. Its diameter ranges from 0.35mm to 3.0mm. The solder wire adopts the activated solder as the rosin flux, which is formed by adoption of high technology.

Our Sn45Pb55 tin lead solder wire has been sold to South Africa, Paraguay,Mexico, Russia, and Lithuania, among other countries. We are also looking for more agents on a global scale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in our product.

Scope of Application
The Sn45Pb55 tin lead solder wire can be used in the automotive and electronics industries. It is fit for the manual soldering work, component installation, surface mount technology, as well as the repair welding process. Simultaneously, it is applicable for the spot welding of PCB components.

Remarkable Features
1. Rapid Melting, Superior Wetting Property and Superb Expandability
There is no-clean activated rosin flux inside the solder wire, which features rapid melting, superior wetting property, and superb expandability. Therefore, our product is provided with outstanding soldering performance.
2. Superior Electrical Conductivity
Our product does not cause any splatter, undesirable odor, or core breakage. The solder joint is filled, shiny, firm and reliable.
3. Others
In addition, the Sn45Pb55 tin lead solder wire is provided with superb weldability, nice fluidity, as well as low viscosity after being melted. It is perfect for the wave soldering process.

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