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  • Sn42Bi58 Low Temperature Lead Free Sn-Bi Based Solder Wire
  • Sn42Bi58 Low Temperature Lead Free Sn-Bi Based Solder Wire

Sn42Bi58 Low Temperature Lead Free Sn-Bi Based Solder Wire

Products Details

Our Sn42Bi58 solder wire is a rosin-cored and lead-free product, featuring low temperature and low melting point. Its melting point is approximately 138 degrees Celsius, and the flux content is 2.0%.

In addition, our company is able to produce the no-clean, solid-core and lead-free tin wire. At present, the minimum diameter of our Sn42Bi58 lead-free tin wire reaches 0.5mm. Actually, this product is more difficult to be manufactured than other tin wires. Its consumption rate is over 5 times as high as that of the common tin wires.

Only a few manufacturers are capable of supplying this Sn-Bi tin wire within the current soldering industry. Our product has been sold to United States,South Korea, and Chile, among other countries. Beyond that, we are looking for more agents on a global scale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you show interest in our products.

The Sn42Bi58 solder wire can be applied in high-precision LED products. It is also adaptable to the soldering of heat-sensitive components of electronic products, as well as the soldering of both thermal overload protector and safety components.

Packing and Shipping

PackagingSolder wire100g/roll, 200g/roll, 250g/roll, 500g/roll, 800g/roll, and 1kg/roll
8-10kg/box, 3 boxes/carton
CartonDimension (Length*Width*Height)36*18*8cm
OEM and Logo1. We can offer the OEM service. 
2. We can also make the logo of our customers. The cost of a logo will be discussed separately.
Production CapacityWe can produce 3 tons of lead-free tin wire each month.

Price and Payment Terms
We accept such international trade terms as EXW, CFR, CIF, FOB, and more. Moreover, we can accept such payment methods as T/T, Western Union, cash, and some others.

Related Names
No Clean Soldering Wire | Lead Free Flux Solder Wire | Low Melt Soldering Supplies.