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  • Sn42Bi57Ag1 Low Temperature Solder Paste

Sn42Bi57Ag1 Low Temperature Solder Paste

Products Details

Technical Parameters

Package500g as standards
Melting point138℃
Reference working temperature160-175℃

The Sn42Bi57Ag1 low temperature solder paste is a standard type of low-temperature silver solder paste. It offers great soldering performance, good electrical conductivity, and fatigue resistance that results in a high-quality solder.

Solder paste is commonly applied in the PCB industry for soft soldering sheet metal, lead tube, electric cables, radiators, bulbs, heating components of TVs, SMT reflow soldering, and other operations.

Related Names
Silver Brazing Paste | Tin Lead Soldering Paste | Soft Metal Solder Paste