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  • Sn42Bi58 low temperture solder wire
  • Sn42Bi58 low temperture solder wire

Sn42Bi58 low temperture solder wire

Products Details

Sn42Bi58 lead-free solder wire is made of high-quality and high-purity tin ingots and antimony ingots, supplemented by high-purity silver, and is refined by special techniques using state-of-the-art lead-free solder professional equipment and excellent technology. By adding rare earth elements, the rapid expansion of microcracks in the brittle interface structure is avoided, and the creep fatigue life of the joint is effectively improved. The alloy is reasonable in proportion, and the flux is prepared from high-quality modified resin, organic activator and various additives. It is a lead-free alloy solder wire with excellent welding performance and environmental protection in the lead-free process.

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Product Feature

A. The coil is neat, flat, smooth, smooth, and will not tangle when using.

B. The solder flux in solder wire is distributed evenly, continuous and not broken. 

C. The solder wire has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and has strong wetting & fast welding speed.

D. No irritation, less smoke, small splash when welding.

E. Less residue after welding, spread evenly, quick-drying, high surface insulation resistance, stable and reliable electrical performance.

F. Solder wire is green environmental protection products, conformed RoHS environmental protection requirements, etc.


Sn42Bi58 lead-free alloy tin wire is suitable for soldering of heat sensitive components. It is widely used in staged soldering (secondary soldering) in the electronics industry, TV tuner, fire alarm, temperature control original, lightning protection period, Air conditioner safety protectors and other industries.

Technical Specifications

1、 SnBi and SnPb capability balance

Density(25 oC)7.48.4
Heat cubage(J/kg · k)220176
Conduct heat(J/m · s · K)6450
Extend intension(MPa)3244
Extend Rate(%)4825
Resistance Rate(μΩm)0.130.17
Extend Rate(%)230 oC
240 oC7792
250 oC7793
260 oC7793
280 oC78
Wetness Balance Test