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  • in99.9 Indium Solder Wire

in99.9 Indium Solder Wire

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The In99.9 solder wire features 99.99% indium content with minimal impurities present. This wire offers good weldability and oxidation resistance. Thus, it is ideal for both wave soldering and dip soldering processes. Thanks to its high purity, the indium solder wire offers superb fluidity during soldering and is commonly used for die-attach applications.


AppearanceSmooth surface, no impurity
Alloy compositionIn9999YS/T 257-2009
Liquidus temperatureAbout 156℃DSC method
Sp. Gr.7.31g/cm3
Tolerance of wire diameter0.3-0.8±0.03mm; 0.8-2.5±0.05mmGB/T 20422-2006
ApplicationSuitable for welding electronic parts
Package weightBy mutual agreementGB/T 20422-2006
Preservation methodMust be placed in a dry, non-corrosive environment without sunlight. Warranty for 2 years.

Alloy composition(%)


Solderability test

1Tensile testQualifiedGB/T 28770-2012