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Desoldering Wick

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Desoldering Wick

The desoldering wick is a maintenance tool that serves to completely absorb and remove any excess solder. The wick is applied when soldering circuit board chips, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and other applications to remove tin. The desoldering wick no only enormously reduces the time for reworking or repairing electronic products, but it also minimizes the risk of thermal damage to circuit boards. It features optimized heat transport between the woven belt and the solder joint, thereby accelerating the tin-absorbing speed. Because of its very little flux residue, it speeds up the PCB cleaning process.

1) Place the desoldering wick over the solder you wish to be removed. Then push the heated soldering iron tip onto the desoldering wick, the solder will be absorbed.

2) Remove the desoldering wick after the solder has been absorbed.

3) Cut off the used section of the wick.

4) Repeat the steps above if the solder is not removed completely. Absorbability may differ depending on the type of solder.


30151.5m3.0mm 10g/roll
25151.5m2.5mm 10g/roll
20151.5m2.0mm 10g/roll
15151.5m1.5mm 10g/roll
Material: copper