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Soldering Flux

Products Details

The soldering flux is designed to help promote the soldering process. It is a chemical substance the protects the surface and prevents oxidation on the metal to be joined by soldering. The surface remains unchanged before and after the soldering process. The soldering flux is a natural soldering material with rosin as its primary component. With minimal smoke created, it does not pollute the working environment or negatively affect operator health.


Flux codeJF-715
Spreading rate %82%
Halide content %0.01%
Copper-mirror testQualified
Electric resistance Ω4×1012Ω
Solid state components %1.5±0.5
Water extract resistivity5×104Ω·cm
AppearanceLight yellow liquid
Specific gravity (25℃)0.795±0.005
Boiling point ℃85℃-130℃
Welding preheating temperature ℃90℃-115℃
OperationFoaming, spraying, dipping
Time for coating tin3-6 sec


With regard to the high-stability welding of electronic components, this soldering flux can conform to two kinds of rigorous standards, including MIL-P-28809 and IPC-818. Therefore, it is highly reliable when applied in electronic communications products, computer automatic products, computer mainframes, computer interface devices, etc.

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