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  • Lead Free Solder Flux

Lead Free Solder Flux

Products Details

Our lead free solder flux is often used for the wave soldering process, because its wetting property is specially designed. It allows the solder joints to be bright and full. Inside our product, the proper amount of solids and the internal activity mechanism can make sure that very few residues are found after the circuit board is welded. Moreover, the surface of the circuit board is dry and clean.

This product can avoid the cleaning procedure and then help manufacturers save much production cost, if there are no special requirements. Owing to its outstanding welding performance, our lead free solder flux is able to reduce the bridging or other defects as much as possible during the wave soldering process.

With regard to the high-stability welding of electronic components, this lead free solder flux can conform to two kinds of rigorous standards, including MIL-P-28809 and IPC-818 standards. Therefore, it is highly reliable when applied in the electronic communications products, computer automation products, computer motherboards, computer interface devices, and some others.

Furthermore, our product is applicable for the wave soldering, foam type soldering, spray type soldering, and other types of processes. During the foam type soldering process, the size of the pore in foaming petroleum should range from 0.005mm to 0.01mm. For maintaining the ideal foaming effect, the height of the flux must be at least 1 inch higher than that of the foaming stone.

Main Characteristics
1. The surface remains unchanged before and after the soldering process. It features no residue and no viscosity.
2. Our lead free solder flux does not produce any corrosive residue.
3. Due to low smoke, this product does not pollute the working environment, or affect the human health.
4. Its surface insulation resistance is extremely high.
5. Moreover, this product has passed the strict copper-mirror test.

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