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Shenzhen Jufeng Solder Co., Ltd.
Company Profile

Shenzhen Jufeng Solder Co., Ltd. established in 2006, is an experienced and professional Chinese soldering manufacturer. We are specializing in research and development, production and selling of the soldering tin materials (solder wire, solder paste, solder bar/stick etc), related chemical products (liquid flux, rosin powder etc) and machines of solder. Our products are widely applicable to welding engineering of electron, communication, electric appliances, electric instruments and meters. Some important certificates of this line we have are ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008, SGS, RoHS etc.

The company has been attaching importance to the lead free solder R&D of technology and the improvement of quality. For now, the smallest diameter of lead free solder wire can be reached 0.1mm. We have our own scientific research institution, gathered a set of senior technicians, managers and established strict management system and perfect quality guarantee system. For now, we have 3 senior engineers of reflow soldering technology for lead free solder paste, 2 senior engineers of research and development for solder wire creative technology, 2 experienced consultants for solder bar and polyonymous of technicians who join in development of other solder products. Our company has international advanced producing and testing equipments, a dozen of solder wire drawing machines and wave soldering equipments, as well as advanced spectrograph for soldering products testing etc.

Our R & D has reached the microscopic structure of metals with rollout of series lead-free tin products and soldering flux. Following the spirit of "Professional and Career", we will create a new microelectronic welding era and devote ourselves to the "lead-free" of world electronic products together with you sticking to market-oriented and aiming at technological creation and environmental production. You can find out our solder products in more than 100 countries and regions, such as European countries (Russia, Ukrain, Poland, Romania, Spain, Germany, France etc),United States, Australia, South America(Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil etc), African countries, Asian countries.

History Development



In 2010, our branch was established in Hong Kong. It was named as Jufeng Trading Co., Ltd.


Since 2008, our company has entered a golden period of rapid growth. Both enterprise scale and management system occupy a dominant position within the industry. The technical research is gradually strengthened, and our products are increasingly innovative. All salesmen in our team are diligent and pragmatic, and the overseas sales have increased steadily.


During the period 2006 to 2008, our company successfully engaged in the international trade instead of the domestic trade. We introduced dozens of advanced solder production equipment. Moreover, the enterprise management system was further improved, and the enterprise scale was further expanded. Accordingly, our company was developed.


In 2006, we officially registered to become an electronics solder enterprise which integrated the production, R&D, innovation and sales. Since then, Jufeng Company has completed the quantitative change of institutional reform.


Our company used to be a welding manufacturer specialized in rough production, since the beginning of 2003.